Complete Home Inspection

At your home inspection, I’ll strictly follow the State of New Jersey Standards of Practice to include the following when visible and safely accessible:

Exterior: grounds, drainage & utility feeds

Condition of exterior finishes & materials

Patios, decks, porches, stoops, sun room

Driveways, walkways, landings & exterior stairs

Roof, attic, vents, gutters, downspouts, flashing, trim, soffits & fascia

Basements, foundation, crawl spaces & framing

Electrical: service line & meter box, panels, breakers, and fuses

Interior electrical systems: main disconnect & service amperage

GFCI’s and CAFCI’s grounding and bonding

Plumbing: Interior systems, faucets & fixtures

Drainage sump pumps & accessible floats

Main water shutoff valve

Water heater age & condition

Boilers or furnace and cooling system

Ventilation & Insulation

Fireplaces: damper, door, and hearth

Interior: walls, floors, trim & ceiling finishes

Windows, doors & skylights

Kitchens & bathrooms

Garage & laundry areas

Garage door, safety sensors & openers

*other areas may also be inspected since each house is unique with its own features

Additional Inspection Services


Pre-Listing Inspections

If you’re a seller, hire me to inspect your home first so you can fix any issues and list your home in the best possible condition. A pre-inspected home often sells quickly and with fewer complications.

Complete Radon Testing

Radon is a toxic and cancer-causing gas that builds up in soil before rising into a home. The gas is not detectable through sight, taste, or smell, so professional testing is required. We will test your home for radon so that you can ensure the safety of your family.


Follow-Up Inspections

If you’ve already received a home inspection and asked for repairs, hire me to reinspect the property and ensure the repairs were made appropriately.

Home Safety Inspections

Hire me to inspect your home for any fire safety issues that may compromise your family. I also provide safety inspections for the elderly. With each inspection, I’ll provide a list of recommendations to improve the safety of your home.

Home Maintenance Inspections

As your biggest investment, it’s important to maintain your home and stay on top of any needed repairs by having regular maintenance inspections.

New Construction Inspections

I’ll inspect your newly built home before your final walk-through with your builder. This is an excellent opportunity to get an impartial professional assessment of your new construction.

Your Inspection Report

I use HomeGauge Software to give you the most cutting-edge report in the inspection industry. Your digital report is richly detailed and contains high-resolution images and comprehensive notes from my inspection. The report is completely mobile-friendly so you can access your inspection report online using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

HomeGauge provides a unique tool within your report called Create Request List (CRL). The CRL™ tool allows you, your agent and the seller to show how any repairs discovered at your inspection should be addressed. This interactive feature is invaluable and greatly eases communications for all parties in the negotiation process.

Please contact me today with any questions or to schedule your next home inspection!

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